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Company Profile

From near around 3 decades, we, Jay Khodiyar Machine Tools are a briquetting machines provider in the world market. We are supporting buyers by offering the highly user oriented solutions progressing growth of biomass source of energy. Our business concern is reckoned beyond business locations for coming up with precision engineered items that seems to be right pick for plant and project of clientele. Our company ensures possessing know-how of the area of operation that able us to render the most productive products.

We have showcased our skills in more than 5500 projects spanning across 75 countries. We are manufacturing high-class eco friendly technique solutions so that industrial demands are appropriately sufficed. Our products are Biocoal Briquetting Machine, Biomass Flash dryer and others delivered with JK Fast service approach to customers. 

Our Associates

  • Alliance One
  • Agriplus
  • Paramount Timber Industries LLC
  • Renom, etc. 

Our Purpose

With our technological supremacy, we want to provide the customers with competitive advantages in the market. Jay Khodiyar wood chipper machines, drying systems, briquetting systems, biomass chipper grinders, and other biomass processing equipment are meticulously developed to assure high quality, good performance, and a speedy return on their investment in the equipment.

We can work together to develop solutions that are specifically matched to the procedures and requirements of our customers. We will design the equipment and systems for our clients and manage the entire project from start to finish, from planning to manufacture to assembly and commissioning, and everything in between.

Message from the Chairman

The vision and strategic insight of Mr. Sanjay Tilala have been the driving force behind Jay Khodiyar's success since its founding in 1994. Jay Khodiyar has evolved into a global biomass solutions house due to Mr. Tilala's vision and strategic acumen. Mr. Tilala, a world-renowned expert in waste to energy conversion, is dedicated to creating a sustainable world and sustainable enterprises via the use of environmentally friendly technologies that provide independence and security.

CEO Desk

Mr. Sanjay Tilala
is the Founder, Managing Director and Chairman of Jay Khodiyar. He offers Jay Khodiyar a rare combination of technical understanding and great business acumen. He has performed various roles in transforming Jay Khodiyar into the multinational organization that it is today. His responsibilities have included overseeing Human Resources, International Business Development, Communications Information Technology and Information Technology all critical functions that have helped Jay Khodiyar become the only biofuels equipment manufacturer from an emerging market to rank among the top ten in the world. In his present position as Managing Director, he is responsible for providing oversight and strategic direction to achieve the organizations long-term objectives. Mr. Sanjay Tilala has not believed in but has entirely dedicated himself to championing the idea of harnessing renewable energy equipment to make the world a greener and more sustainable place for future generations to come.


  • Our company wants to be acknowledged by our customers as a company that provides unique solutions that enable them to be even more successful in their businesses.
  • We will concentrate our efforts on markets and businesses in which we will be leaders. 
  • We will continue to serve as the architects of our group for its future success.


Jay Khodiyar is a one-stop solution for setting up a sawdust machine, wood chipper machine, biomass dryer, rotary drum dryer, briquetting plant, flash dryer, MSW briquette press, briquettes Cum Pellet press, municipal solid waste drying system, and biomass chipper grinder. Our company was founded in 1994 and is based in New Delhi, India. We will assist you in making the best decision for the location and project for the plant.

We have successfully implemented briquetting systems, briquetting machines, wood chippers, and biomass drying systems, pellet presses, and municipal solid waste drying systems in approx. 4500 projects in more than 75 countries to promote the use of biomass as a source of energy. After years of experience, we currently possess unrivalled competence in our sector and can provide the most appropriate solution for our customers' demands. We have a large selection of basic goods to choose from, and we can also create custom solutions to meet unique needs.

We provide garbage management solutions.

Across the world, biomass and agricultural waste and municipal solid waste and forest debris, wood waste, and dung waste are expanding at an alarming rate. These wastes are not being used, and they are being burned in large quantities.

According to Jay Khodiyar, burning all of this garbage will raise pollution and degrade the environment's quality. We suggest using reliable systems for recycling trash in a responsible manner.

Basic Information of Jay Khodiyar Machine Tools:

Nature of Business

Exporter, Manufacturer and Supplier

Business Location

Rajkot, Gujarat, India

Year of Establishment


No. of Employees






Monthly Production Capacity

30-45 Units Per Month

Annual Turnover

Rs. 100 Crore

No. of Production Units


No. of Designers


Our Branches

Europe, Vietnam, Kenya & India

Competitive Advantage

  • Huge Customer Awareness
  • Briquetting Industry Experience

IE Code




Export Percentage



JK Chemicals, PRESPL, Bioles Horizont and others

Product Application

Converting Waste Into Energy

Our Machines Used In Manufacturing

  • Drilling
  • Boring
  • VMC
  • Lathe
  • CNC, etc.

Raw Material Used & Process

MS and Casting Process